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Welcome to my indexing page! I've been creating indexes for books on music, art, architecture, literature, and history for over twenty years, including the ground-breaking ten-volume Garland Encyclopedia of World Music and Vera Brodsky Lawrence's classic three-volume Strong on Music: The New York Music Scene in the Days of George Temple Strong. I wrote the indexes for two recent Pulitzer Prize finalists. My clients appreciate my proofreading catches, especially the esoteric ones. I have indexed such wide-ranging topics as South Asian folklore, Middle Eastern treatises, jazz history, and the French Revolution. Software used includes Windows, Cindex, and Word. Client list, list of recent books indexed, and fees are available on request.

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A few links to indexes I've prepared: 

Index written for Pulitzer Prize finalist

Cumulative Index for ten-volume encyclopedia

Index to Vera Lawrence's monumental work on 19th-century New York musical life

South Asian folklore encyclopedia